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      2019芝加哥紧固件展(FASTENER TECH' 19)

      日 期 2019-06-03 - 2019-06-05
      展览馆 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
      联系人 Tom Hutchinson; Chip Lippincott
      电 话 +1 330-864-2122
      email tlh@fastenertech.com; chip@fastenertech.com
      网址 http://www.mwfa.net/

      Exhibitor Registration Forms & Floor Plan are Online

      June 28, 2018, Akron, OH, USA. FASTENER TECH? ’19, the seventh staging of “The All-FastenerIndustry Event in the Heart-of-the-Fastener Industry”, is pleased to announce that exhibitor registration is open and forms are available online at www.mwfa.net and www.fastenertech.com/fastenertech.asp. In addition, the official Floor Plan is posted on-line for booth selection purposes.


      The event is scheduled to take place in Rosemont (Chicago), IL, USA, June 3 to 5, 2019 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. FASTENER TECH? ’19 will offers attendees and exhibitors a valuable, costeffective and easy-to-attend event that provides benefits to fastener manufacturers, distributors, users and suppliers. FASTENER TECH? is a biennial event, and once again in 2019 it will be co-located with SUR/FIN®, the annual conference and exhibition for surface finishing professionals, which is organized by the National Association for Surface Finishing, Washington, DC, USA, www.nasf.org.


      FASTENER TECH ‘19 will feature an Exhibition, Education Seminars, an All-Industry Reception, and othernetworking opportunities. The preliminary schedule is as follows:

      · Education Seminars: June 3, 4 and 5, 2019

      · Exhibition: June 4 and 5, 2019

      · All-Industry Reception: June 4, 2019


      As a trade event, FASTENER TECH? ’19 will be unique on several fronts, including the following: the relatively low-cost and ease-of-exhibiting at and attending the show, the all-industry focus, the heart-of-theindustry location, and a high level of participation from fastener industry associations.


      FASTENER TECH? ‘19 is being produced by Fastener Technology International magazine, Akron, OH, USA, and the Mid-West Fastener Association (MWFA), Lake Zurich, IL, USA. The most recent FASTENER TECH? was held in June 2017, also at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont (Chicago), IL, USA, and it provided its visitors with direct supplier access, networking opportunities, business intelligence, social programming and technical education related to making, distributing and using all types of mechanical fasteners. In addition, the 2017 event included the debut edition of the Fastener Industry Summit, which was organized by the Fastener Industry Coalition, www.fastenercoalition.org.


      Fastener Technology International (FTI) is a bimonthly international technical magazine for manufacturers, distributors and users of all types of fasteners. The print edition is delivered to thousands of subscribers in more than 90 countries, and the digital edition is available around-the-clock at www.fastenertech.com. Additional publications include a monthly newsletter, the Fastener News Report, and the annual FTI Buyers’ Guide.


      The Mid-West Fastener Association (MWFA) has been representing and serving all segments of the fastener industry for more than half-a century. MWFA members include fastener manufacturers, distributors, importers and industry suppliers. Details are available at www.mwfa.net.


      Additional FASTENER TECH? details and a flipbook edition of the “2017 Exhibition Directory” are available at: www.fastenertech.com/fastenertech.asp

      "FASTENER TECH?: The Fastener Show produced by the

      Fastener Industry for the Fastener Industry"

      Tom Hutchinson, tlh@fastenertech.com

      Chip Lippincott, chip@fastenertech.com

      Phone: +1 330-864-2122

      Official Website: www.mwfa.net; www.fastenertech.com

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