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      日 期 2019-05-14 - 2019-05-16
      展览馆 Georgia World Congress Center
      联系人 Ray Zirkle; Doug Zirkle
      电 话 +1-203.794.0444
      email rzirkle@bzsales.com; dzirkle@bzsales.com
      网址 http://www.ifme-fastener-mfg-expo.com

      The International Fastener Machinery & Suppliers’ Association (IFMSA) announced thelaunch of the only event in the USA with an exclusive focus on the manufacture offasteners and precisioned formed parts. The International Fastener ManufacturingExposition (IFME) will take place May 14-16, 2019, at the Georgia World CongressCenter in Atlanta. The three-day event will be co-located with Interwire 2019, the WireAssociation International’s biennial event, which has served the wire and cable industrysince its introduction in 1981.


      Commenting on the announcement, Ray Zirkle, executive director of IFMSA, said:“Although IFME is a new launch, we have been organizing successful exhibitionsconcentrating on the machinery aspect of the fastener industry for over 35 years. Thename of this new event reflects our focus on and dedication to providing the machinerymanufacturers a much higher profile than may be available elsewhere. The decision toco-locate IFME in Atlanta, with Interwire 2019, is based in large part on previoussuccessful co-locations and the synergy between the fastener and wire industries.”


      Attendees will include fastener manufacturers and those allied to the field from across theindustrial spectrum, including automotive, aviation/aerospace, military/defense,appliance, communications, energy, marine, furnishings, medical equipment, buildingand construction, packaging, inspection, electrical/electronics, MRO, heavy equipmentand many other segments. The high-profile attendee base is actively involved in everyaspect of manufacturing fasteners and precisioned formed parts.


      “The co-location of IFME with Interwire 2019 in Atlanta is an exciting development,”said Jim Flanagan, president of Reed Machinery in Worcester, Massachusetts. “The showwill provide a needed and focused event for meeting with U.S. manufacturers of fastenersand precision formed parts.” With an unparalleled manufacturing renaissance andresurgence taking place across the United States, the domestic demand for fasteners andprecisioned formed parts is expected to increase dramatically. As such, there is ademonstrated need for a dedicated event for key suppliers of machinery, materials,tooling, controls, systems, and supplies to display and demonstrate their products,equipment and services to an active, buying audience of manufacturers.


      For more information about IFME 2019, please contact Ray Zirkle, IFMSA executive director, or Doug Zirkle, national sales director, at 203.794.0444, or email rzirkle@bzsales.com or dzirkle@bzsales.com.


      Tel: +1-203.794.0444

      IFMSA Executive Director: Ray Zirkle; E-mail: rzirkle@bzsales.com

      National Sales Director: Doug Zirkle; E-mail: dzirkle@bzsales.com

      Official Website: http://www.ifme-fastener-mfg-expo.com

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