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      日 期 2019-06-19 - 2019-06-20
      展览馆 世界贸易中心

      Fastener Fair Mexico – the only fastener and fixing event for Latin America

      Fastener Fair Mexico 2019 will take place June 19 - 20 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, bringing together manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and end users for the fifth time in the region’s only dedicated fastener and fixing exhibition.

      Fastener Fair Mexico covers all areas of the fastener and fixing industry and provides real insight into industry trends and key information about the latest developments in this sector. The exhibition is the international platform for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers of fastener and fixing technology.

      Over 150 exhibitors from Belgium, China, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey and United States, among others, exhibited in Fastener Fair Mexico 2018.

      At Fastener Fair Mexico, products and services from the following industry sectors will be presented:

      * Industrial fasteners and fixings
      * Construction fixings
      * Assembly and installation systems
      * Fastener manufacturing technology
      * Storage, distribution, factory equipment
      * Information, communication and services


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